Entry #1

Working on Pong Game

2007-09-03 18:59:28 by ShiningCross

I am currently working on a pong game called Freelance Pong. Am still having trouble learning how to do powerups that are set to appear at random times. Any help with actionscripting this is appreciated. Thanks, and expect a release hopefully sometime soon.


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2007-09-10 20:27:07

why dont you ask someone thats made a pong game?

(Updated ) ShiningCross responds:

I've tried asking around in the forums, but no one knew how to make power upss appear at random time intervals. Thanks for the ideaa though.


2008-03-18 20:13:15

make your own if u must(i mean make them appear at the times you want*)(make it seem random XD)


2008-05-03 00:15:11

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